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Delhi - Winter Trip to Himachal Pradesh - December 2013

15 December, 2013 - Delhi
The Bus dropped us near the “Gurdwara Majnu Tilla” in Delhi at about 8:15 am.
After stretching out legs we decided to head towards “Pahar Ganj”
We hired a rickshaw to “Vidhan Sabha Metro Station” @ INR 20 per person. After getting our metro tokens, we needed to scan our bags before being able to board the train, Frank was not allowed to enter since he was carrying the wine bottle that was purchased from Manali, so we decided to split up, Vivek Boarded the Metro so that he could reach quickly and has he intended book the hotel room in Pahar Ganj.
Frank and I had spotted a bus stop just outside the metro, we inquired and boarded the 901 bus to NDLS at about 8:50 am.  We waited for some time but there was no sight of the conductor after the crowd had dispersed, I spotted the conductor glued to his seat (looked like a member of the parliament  J and apparently we were supposed walk to him and get the tickets @ INR 10 per head because he did really care J.   We reached…

Manali - Winter Trip to Himachal Pradesh - December 2013

11 December, 2013 - Manali
Manali here we come...
Left Mcleod Ganj at about 6:15 am via the local Bus @ INR 400 per head reached Manali @ 5:45 pm.
We checked in at “Hotel Chandra Bhaga” @ INR 550 for each room, being off season we got a sweet deal, the rooms were facing the “Mall Road” and “Van Vihar” They were massive will all the basic amenities.     

Zariab and I had visited Manali many times before and were aware of the layout. Frank and Vivek on the other hand were Himachal virgins.
Chopsticks” restaurant was amazing as usual with excellent service; Frank and I tried a Japanese dish called “Sukiyaki" with some “Tibetan Bread” which was sumptuous.
12 December, 2013- Manali
After yesterdays exertion it was time to take it easy and soak in the Manali weather. Breakfast was served at “Mount View Restaurant” the four of us packed on a healthy breakfast with “Chicken and Egg Salad”, “Mutton momos in Soup” and some “Toast with baked beans” 
Walked up to the “Hadimba Temple” which is situ…

Soloing using Chord tones.Part 6 ( Playing your own solo)

I have used the same chords played in Part 4 and 5 of this series to build a small solo.Shift the Chords around as you please to make your own solo.

This part summarizes and concludes Parts 3,4 and 5.

Dharamsala - Winter Trip to Himachal Pradesh - December 2013

07 December, 2013 – Dharamsala
We woke up during the wee hours of morning and as expected the weather was awesome. We had a lot of distance to cover and few buses to change while heading towards the Lama country.    

6:30 AM 9:45 AM 10:00 AM 3:50 PM 4:25 PM
5:00 PM 5:30 PM Bharmour BUS Chamba Gaggal