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Essential Software After Fresh OS Install

Most of us don’t like to format our Hdds even if we know it’s needed, the reason being, besides creating a backup for the data, all the software and settings would need to be reinstalled which is quite painstaking and time consuming, especially for those who like to experiment at the cost of their computers and need to format often. It’s best to make a master DVD of all the 3 rd party software along with motherboard CD and other drivers that are required on a fresh OS.  (It’s better to back up your browser bookmarks as well i.e. .Json file for Firefox) Mentioned below is 3 rd party software (Freeware) that I recommend after a fresh OS install depending upon your needs Drivers: Most required drivers will be included in the Motherboad, Graphics Card, Keyboard and LAN Card Disk The common drivers are .NET Framework and Direct X 9.0/10.0/11.0 Browser and Plugins : I would recommend FIREFOX or Google CHROME don’t forget to install their respective FLASH   PLAYER