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War Of Ages - Christian Metalcore Band

War of Ages is a Christian Metalcore band formed in 2002 in Erie PA. Line up : Leroy Hamp – Vocals Steve Brown – Guitar Branon Bernatowicz – Guitar Alex Hamp – Drums TJ Alford – Bass Albums : Arise & Conquer - 2008 Pride of the Wicked - 2006 War of Ages - 2005 About their Music: With harsh and clean vocals, dual guitar riffs, double bass drumming this is undoubtedly one of the best metalcore bands. In my opinion "War of Ages" was their best album, songs like “All Consuming Fire”, “Generational Curse” and “The Deception of Strongholds” have the perfect mix of Vocals and sound. Listen to War Of Ages on YouTube

Plan to build your first Computer ?

Building your first computer from scratch is always exciting, but before you choose your components it is important to know the purpose for which the computer would be used. Listed below are the different types of computers. Home Computers (Surfing)/ Office Computers : Since surfing or running regular office applications (except for animators, video editors, music editors and graphic designers) does not consume a lot of resources a Dual Core Processor @ 2.0 GHz and about 2 GB Ram (DDR2/DDR3) should be good, the m otherboard of choice should be the one with an internal graphics (most M obos do have them) since an external Graphics Card would not be required. The Hard Disk (HDD) could be around 500 Gb or 640 Gb (WD) and a decent Chassis from Cooler Master or any other manufacturer would keep you system cool and neat. (A 19" or 23" LCD monitor could be used depending on your preference and/or practicality), basic 400 W power supply should be enough Multimedia/ Basic