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How to and What is Home Automation Wifi Relay

1What is Home Automation aIs a process of automating home appliances so that they can be used wirelessly
How does it work – aWired – The phone Software interface called “Relay Controller” communicates with the Software on the computer called “Socket Server” via wifi. This information is passed on to the “Micro controller” via a “serial cable” and then finally to the “Relay board”.. The relay board has inputs from various appliances so that they can use switched on and off accordingly. b Wireless -   Similar to the above structure only exception is that the “serial cable” is replaced with a “Wifi Serial dongle” which negates the use of the computer making it more compact and user friendly.
Compatibility a Andriod Ver. 2.2 and higher b Windows XP and Above
Practical implications a Limitless – since its primary use is to switch appliances on and off it can be used with all appliances.
Ease of use a It’s as easy as using your favourite application on your mobile...
Cost HOW MUCH Would Y…