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The Arpenaz 50 is one of their lower priced budget hiking shoes, but having said that these shoes are worth much more. I have used this pair recently for a 8 k hike and i must say they were very comfortable. The extended Ankle panel does offer good support and the Rubber sole has a decent grip, the cushioning in particular is excellent it lets you hike for extended periods of time with the least possible stress on your feet. As is the case with most hiking shoes; I strongly recommend to get a size larger, so that you have some wiggle room while hiking for extended periods of time. These shoes are meant for half day treks and they offer some degree of Water Proofing. Although you could use them for multiple day treks, I would recommend one of their other shoes like the Quechua - Forclaz 500, i have used those shoes for many treks in the Himalayas and they have served me well. I'll add a link to my previous review about those shoes so you can get a better idea.

Soloing using Chord tones.Part 7 (Tapping Chord tones)