Delhi - Winter Trip to Himachal Pradesh - December 2013

15 December, 2013 - Delhi

The Bus dropped us near the “Gurdwara Majnu Tilla” in Delhi at about 8:15 am.

After stretching out legs we decided to head towards “Pahar Ganj”

We hired a rickshaw to “Vidhan Sabha Metro Station” @ INR 20 per person.
After getting our metro tokens, we needed to scan our bags before being able to board the train, Frank was not allowed to enter since he was carrying the wine bottle that was purchased from Manali, so we decided to split up, Vivek Boarded the Metro so that he could reach quickly and has he intended book the hotel room in Pahar Ganj.

Frank and I had spotted a bus stop just outside the metro, we inquired and boarded the 901 bus to NDLS at about 8:50 am
We waited for some time but there was no sight of the conductor after the crowd had dispersed, I spotted the conductor glued to his seat (looked like a member of the parliament  J and apparently we were supposed walk to him and get the tickets @ INR 10 per head because he did really care J.  
We reached New Delhi at about 9:14 am.  From here we hired a “Cycle Rickshaw” to Pahar Ganj @ INR 100.

We met Vivek at “Hotel Pearl Plaza” the room cost was INR 500, after relaxing for a while Frank and I decided to explore, Vivek was expecting his friend from Delhi and decided to stay back

We headed towards “Connaught Place” - CP using the “Electric Rickshaw” which cost us just INR 20 per person.  
The ride was moderately comfortable and even though the rickshaw does not have a lot of pickup and overall speed it was indeed a good way to travel short distances.

Electric Rickshaw - Delhi
After breakfast in Mc Donald’s – CP we visited the “Palika Bazar” which is named after the Palika Bazaar of Mumbai. 
Palika Bazaar hosts 380 numbered shops selling a diverse range of items right from electronics to clothing, it also has a reputation for a wide availability of illegal products such as pornography, stolen goods, fake designer products and pirated CDs, software and movies.  

Palika Bazar - Delhi
After a long walk we decided to relax at the Inner Circle garden, which was apparently filled with a lot of young couples indulging in “PDA” (Public Display of Affection).

 At about 1:00 pm we left CP and headed towards Pahar Ganj by Rickshaw @ INR 25 per head.  Freshened up at “Pearl Plaza” and the three of us boarded an Electric Rickshaw to NDLS railway station @ INR 10 per head.

We were in two minds about Frank being able to enter the platform with the wine that he was carrying, we decided to simply walk in and face the music, luckily even though there was a scanner there was no one manning it and we smoothly entered the station.

We boarded the “Mumbai Rajdhani” @ 4:34 pm and reached Mumbai the next day i.e. 16th December @ 9:00 am.  Ticket cost was INR 1823 per head.

And so our 2013 exploring came to an end and it was a perfect winter vacation!!! 

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