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Places with distances between Manali and Leh

From Altitude To Distance Manali 1,950 m Marhi 33 km Marhi 3,360 m Rohtang Pass 18 Km Rohtang Pass 3,980 m Gramphu 19 km Gramphu 3,200 m Koksar 06 km Koksar 3,140 m Sissu 14 km Sissu 3,120 m Gondhla 11 km Gondhla 3,160m Tandi 07 km Tandi 2,570 m Keylong 09 km Keylong 3,080 m Jispa 22 Km Jispa 3,200 m Darcha 06 Km Darcha 3,360 m Parsio 10 km Patsio 4,721 m Zingzingbar 16 km Zingzingbar 4,270 m Suraj taal 08 km Suraj taal 4,883 m Bara-lacha la 10 km Bara-l

Awesome Road Trip Manali - Himachal Pradesh to Leh - Jammu and Kashmir Part 5

{ Leh City } 08 August - The first night spent in the Changlo Chan was ok, we had to keep the windows closed because of all the bugs that were attracted to the CFC bulb, Zariab though it would be a good idea to spray them with Volini Spray that he had got for his stiff neck, he ended up gassing the room with his smokes and his pain spray. T he morning was nice and bright with mild winds and birds chirping, however by about 8:00 am it was a mixture of nature and vehicle noise including the one odd passing plane. Later on we visited Swiss Tours and Travels to get the Tempo Traveller number, the owner Ishey - 9797467371 was kind enough to offer us tea and share the humble beginnings of Leh, she mentioned that Leh was open to tourism since 1972, and a lot of their old articles and jewellery are being displayed in museums worldwide. After a nice breakfast from Hot Pot Restaurant located off Old Leh Road, we decided to stay indoors to beat the dry afternoon heat. We were paid a

Awesome Road Trip Manali - Himachal Pradesh to Leh - Jammu and Kashmir Part 4/5

{ Leh City;Leh Palace } 07 August – Woke up to a nice comfy morning, the temperature was like that of a cool Mumbai night, although I did have to flick a bug off my nose once during the night after which I could not find that creepy crawler, the night before Zariab was bit by a bug and it gave him a decent sized swelling on his pinky toe. Breakfast like all else was costly and substandard, INR 50 for a regular coffee as compared to the well made creamy coffee in Manali. This place was clearly not worth the premium, I had sourced another stay last night, Zariab headed there and got a sweet deal although the toilet was common it was worth the INR 600. W e checked into this stay called Hotel Changlo Chan at about 11:50 am. Watch the hotel review below it Stars a little Local Kid who won’t share the candy bar with his brother... W e headed towards the Ancient Royal Leh Palace , it was a decent walk up the hill to reach the palace there was a mosque near the base, the

Awesome Road Trip Manali - Himachal Pradesh to Leh - Jammu and Kashmir Part 3/5

{ Gata Loops;Nakeela Pass;Lachulung La;Pang;Pang;More Plains;Tanglang La;Lato;Upshi;Karu;Choglamsar;Leh City } 06 August - Left the camp at 9:30 am total expenses were INR 1,175. Passed through the Gata Loops it’s made up of 22 spectacular hairpin bends and reached Nakeela Pass situated at 4,738 m (15,547 ft) at about 11:20 am, next was Lachulung La situated at 4,880 m (16,000 ft) reached at 11:54 am. The way leads through beautiful canyons, natural sculptured rocks and a great view of the switchback loops. Lachulung La is about 54 kms from Sarchu. S topped at Pang for lunch at 12:58 pm, situated at 4,754 m (15,600 ft) it’s the world’s highest Transit camp, according to the Indian Army. Lunch was reasonable; Rice and Dal with Maggie and egg along with 2 Chai and a BarOne was about INR 200. The stalls doubled as sleeping tents, with about 5 to 6 sleeping spots, we were thinking about trying the sleepover, but Bittu mentioned that he needed to get back for Raksha Bandhan

Awesome Road Trip Manali - Himachal Pradesh to Leh - Jammu and Kashmir Part 2/5

{ Darcha;Patsio; Zing Zing Bar;Suraj Taal;Baralacha la;Sarchu } 5 th August -Woke up to lovely morning, shot a funny room review video and left at 8:34 am. Reached Darcha situated at 3,360 m (11,020 ft) by 8:45 am for breakfast. It’s is small stop over spot with a few huts/tents which double as accommodation in case it’s needed. After climbing up hill for a while we reached Patsio at about 10:00 am it’s situated at about 4721 meters. Rested here for about 30 minutes there’s something about having nice warm Chai at these altitudes, I just can’t explain J , the stalls are located just off a nice pristine pond off the road, it’s a favourite stop over for most bikers before heading towards the High pass. Watch the video below to get a better look. L eft Patsio at about 10:27 am reached Zing Zing Bar at about 10:58 pm. Then we stated the climb through various hair pin bends towards Baralacha la, saw a lot of glacier remnants on the way. The topography was similar to Spit