Hexamine Portable Travel Stove

The Hexamine stove is portable and a great travel companion, it uses Hexamine Fuel Cakes also called as Esbit.

These cakes are supposed to be smokeless, odorless, should not liquidize or leave ashes behind.

I experimented with 1 of the 2 free Hexamine fuel cakes i got with the stove and even though it was smokeless and odorless while it was burning, as soon as i suffocated the fire, it gave out a nasty smell and it left sort of an ash mound......

Efficiency wise it took about  8-9 minutes to boil 350 ml of water and it was reduced to about 75 % of it's original size. The total time it's supposed to last is about 15 minutes with a flame temperature of 600 Degree C.

After some amount of research i found Yellow haxamine cakes from Flem-O which are supposed to be superior and each cake is supposed to last about 2 hours... yea that's what it says.. will put it to the test soon...

There are a lot of other alternatives like butane canisters, Alcohol or wood burning stoves.... but nothing comes close to the value for money and portability that the Hexamine stove offers.

Stove cost - 125 - 200 Rs. approx
Flem O -Hexamine Cubes 12 Rs. each approx

I will be using this stove shortly in high altitudes where the efficiency will suffer, if time permits i will post another video on how it handled itself.

If you intend to use this setup, as a Safety precaution one needs to use the stove out in the open and not in enclosed areas.... since Hexamine produces Toxic gases when lit.... which can cause serious harm in some situations... symptoms of poisoning would include but not limited to nausea, vomiting and kidney failure.

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