PLANETSIDE 2 Error 4-503 Fix Workaround

Error  (4-503):

LaunchPad was unable to connect. Please check the network connection or try again later. If the problem persists, please visit for assistance.

This error stated appearing few months back and it’s been a pain to deal with, after researching and scouting various forums I found the below mentioned 3 workarounds, the third one works for me now, earlier the second one used to work, so chances are that one of the three should work for you. (I would recommend the “Solution 3” – watch the Video)

Solution 1

·         Go to game directory, delete or rename launchpad.exe
·         Rename launchpad.exe.bak to launchpad.exe
·         Launch the game, this might slightly longer than usual, this is because it’s downloading the 1 mb launchpad.exe.bak file.

Solution 2

·         Download the FILE
·         Go to the game directory and paste the “npdg0act.dll” file in there.
·         Login into planeside with your credentials and it should work after a small update.
·          If it doesn’t work the second or consecutive time, you may need to delete the “npdg0act” file and then try the launchpad. It’s very sporadic, try both.

Solution 3

·         Go to the game directory and delete the “LaunchPad.exe” file
·         Download and Run the “PS2_setup.exe” file. (
·         Choose the “Reinstall/Repair” option
·         You may or may not choose to install direct X
·         The “launchPad” should give the “Play” option after a small download.

Watch the below Video if you prefer watching the Movie rather than reading the Book J

Note that all of the above solutions are one time - every time, what this means is that once you quit the game, you would once again need to follow the respective solution again for the game to launch. (In some situations a PC restart might be required)

It’s only when Daybreak games decides to provide an update to fix this issue would launching PlanetSide 2 become hassle free till then I hope the workarounds mentioned above does the job for you my fellow gamer. See you in Planetside TR – Diabolicmark.

A special thank you to the people from various forums that came up with these workarounds, apologies for not making a note of your names, but thank you once again, I can now game in peace without being frustrated J Hope You can too J


  1. haha i can recognize this music anywhere. Wasn't it the one you composed during SMHT days?

    1. yea :) its the one i created using Reaper...


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