Awesome Road Trip Manali - Himachal Pradesh to Leh - Jammu and Kashmir Part 5

{Leh City}

08 August - The first night spent in the Changlo Chan was ok, we had to keep the windows closed because of all the bugs that were attracted to the CFC bulb, Zariab though it would be a good idea to spray them with Volini Spray that he had got for his stiff neck, he ended up gassing the room with his smokes and his pain spray.

The morning was nice and bright with mild winds and birds chirping, however by about 8:00 am it was a mixture of nature and vehicle noise including the one odd passing plane. Later on we visited Swiss Tours and Travels to get the Tempo Traveller number, the owner Ishey - 9797467371 was kind enough to offer us tea and share the humble beginnings of Leh, she mentioned that Leh was open to tourism since 1972, and a lot of their old articles and jewellery are being displayed in museums worldwide. After a nice breakfast from Hot Pot Restaurant located off Old Leh Road, we decided to stay indoors to beat the dry afternoon heat. We were paid a surprise visit from two local kids asking us for Chocolates and toffee, this happened while we were recording the Room review video, perfect timingJ, after a nice nap it was time for lunch visited the usual Hot Pot Restaurant. Evening was spent preparing for the return trip to Manali.

Leh City in itself was just a regular tourist stop over, it is overpriced, filled with traffic, pollution and the terrible dry heat in Summer, certain places within the city are poorly maintained, they resembled the slums in Mumbai, the best way to explore the beautiful places around Leh City is by private vehicle or hiring a Motorcycle, since only J&K vehicles are allowed to show tourist around, hiring a reasonably priced vehicle from Manali is out of the question.     

If you had a better experience in Leh or disagree with what is mentioned above or would simply like to share your opinion/experience.
Feel free to comment below. 

Watch a funny video of Zariab rolling down the hill with the locals in Old Manali


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