Awesome Road Trip Manali - Himachal Pradesh to Leh - Jammu and Kashmir Part 4/5

{Leh City;Leh Palace}

07 August – Woke up to a nice comfy morning, the temperature was like that of a cool Mumbai night, although I did have to flick a bug off my nose once during the night after which I could not find that creepy crawler, the night before Zariab was bit by a bug and it gave him a decent sized swelling on his pinky toe. Breakfast like all else was costly and substandard, INR 50 for a regular coffee as compared to the well made creamy coffee in Manali. This place was clearly not worth the premium, I had sourced another stay last night, Zariab headed there and got a sweet deal although the toilet was common it was worth the INR 600.

We checked into this stay called Hotel Changlo Chan at about 11:50 am.
Watch the hotel review below it Stars a little Local Kid who won’t share the candy bar with his brother...

We headed towards the Ancient Royal Leh Palace, it was a decent walk up the hill to reach the palace there was a mosque near the base, the afternoon sun was harsh, filled with the local stink of animal waste, lucky the Palace was nice and cool, unlike what one would expect from a palace this one was a maze of various small rooms with tiny doors, most of the walls were filled with names and numbers of inconsiderate visitors, the main benefit of visiting the palace apart from the wooden and stone architecture is the view of Leh with the backdrop of the ice capped mountains.

There are many J&K ATMs and a HDFC ATM in the market off the Old Leh Road on route to the Ancient Palace. In order to book a shared mini bus, cab or HRTC bus one needs to go to the bus stop which is near the market area. On the Old Leh Road there are many travel agents for sightseeing within Leh but to book tickets to Manali there’s just “Swiss Tour and Travels“. We booked a mini bus to Manali at INR 2,000 per head that would leave on the 9th August at 1 am.


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