Pathankot - Winter Trip to Himachal Pradesh - December 2013

01 December, 2013 - Pathankot

We reached Pathankot at about 11:00 pm, the weather was nice and pleasant, felt good to be able to stretch after a long journey, surprising there were quite a few travelers even though it was quite late, after some chai (tea) from a stall near the station, we decided to have dinner, Dhaba style, but it was late and most of the food joints were shut, after a funny encounter between Vivek and a Dhaba guy we decided to eat some snacks from the railway canteen itself.

(Vivek went to inquire at a Punjabi Dhaba. You don’t have to be a genius to know that Punjabis use a lot of Puns. He said he was shut because he was Sikh. Vivek asked him if he could at least get some water or anything to drink. Then the Punjabi spilled a drink on his own shirt and said “this one is on me”. One pun led to another, and the whole thing ended with Vivek going Rocky on the food guy’s plums, while we chanted his name in encouragement. 
Thank you Zariab for this funny snippet J)

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