Plan to Hike in Himachal Pradesh during the monsoon season?

If you have the below mentioned questions – Then you are in the right place.

Where can I find good hiking gear in Mumbai/Delhi?
What equipment should I carry for a 2-3 week hiking trip?

To begin with you need to make a choice either travel Heavy carrying all the equipment in the world Or carrying the bare essential which would make it easy to trek but at the cost of comfort, well of course the right choice is to maintain a balance between both ;)

I have listed few items that would be required based on what kind of trek you plan. Main factors would be if you are planning a complete outdoor trip or you prefer hotel/lodge accommodation.

1) Waterproof backpack: There are lots of options available with prices varying from 3k – 10k+
Based on the duration of your trek you may need to consider the size of your backpack i.e. 45 liter, 55 liter, 60 liter or 70 liter.
Listed below are some of the best Rucksacks and Backpacks and some of their features along with their source link.

a) Gangotri Top Loading Rucksack 65 liters – INR 5.5 k
d) Savan D Top Loading Rucksack 45 liters – INR 3k
e) PE Rucksack X Air 45 liters- INR 2.8 K  

Features are somewhat similar; difference being the size, quality and the usability
 1. Zippered rain cover pocket at the base.
 2. Shoulder weight and width adjusters provided on the shoulder pads.
 3. Torso height Adjuster.
 4. Sleeping bag carrier on hood.
 5. Compression straps at the top and bottom to manage loads better.
 6. Carry mat straps at the base.
 7. Attached waist straps.

The above listed bags are specifically made to be light weight, durable and provide a lot of comfort while hiking, if money is a constraint there are also a large variety of bags that can be purchased from Crawford market between the 1.2 k – 2.5 k price tag and these bags can be waterproofed for an additional 500 - 700 Rs. 

2) Waterproof Shoes:  If you are specifically looking for waterproof shoes I would recommend the brands mentioned below however I would personally prefer using Crocs although they are known to be slippery on flat surfaces the ones with straps are much better and offer a good outlet for the water to escape and are extremely lightweight.

a) Crocs – Trailbreak – INR 2.5 k

3) Rain Wear: Based on the weather conditions your preference you may choose either a poncho or a proper rain jacket.

a) QUECHUA Rain Cut Jacket – INR 700
c) Quechua FORCLAZ 300 JKT  - INR 3329
d) QUECHUA Arpenaz 300 – INR 2500 

Personally I would recommend aDuckback” its durable and definitely worth the money. (INR 600 – 2,000)
4)  Sleeping Bags / Tents: Before buying a SB you would need to need to consider the weather conditions. SBs are available based on the temperature rating, quality/comfort and size.
While buying a Tent the factors to consider once gain is the weather conditions along with the capacity i.e. 2, 4 or more people along with the weight of the tent.

a) QUECHUA S0 Ultralight Zero degrees – INR 3.5 k
b) QUECHUA Sleepin’bed Ten degrees – INR 3.5 K
c) Sleeping Bag UltraLite Twenty degrees – INR 2k

Budget good quality sleeping bags and Tents can be purchased from “OADV” and “GO” which are based in Mumbai check the hyperlink for more details.

5) Apparel: It’s crucial to choose the right kind of apparel which provides both comfort and practicality based on the trek difficulty and duration.

a) Quechua - FORCLAZ 50 FLEECE – INR 599 (Makes for an excellent inner shell during low temperature treks)
b) Quechua - G2 Techfresh50 blue – INR 814 (Keeps the body dry and reduces development of Odors during a HIKE)
c) QUECHUA Forclaz 200 Fleece Jacket – INR 999 (Good balance between warmth/thickness/compressibility)
d) Quechua - PA FOR 500 TRIMOD – INR 1678

6) Miscellaneous Gear: There are many small and useful items that make hiking comfortable and some of them are crucial for survival.

f) Coleman F1-Lite Stove – INR 1980

Here are some related links to find good hiking gear Online.

Feel free to leave any suggestions, comments about the above compiled list.
Check out the Hiking/trekking gear products reviews on my Youtube channel


  1. The gear looks sweet indeed! A very comprehensive post with lots of info. Thanks for sharing! :)

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    1. The Flip Flop video is on youtube --
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  5. Nice Post. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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