Fallout 3

Fallout 3 Series
Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Genre: Action RPG, Open world
Engine: Gamebryo
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
                    PlayStation 3
                    Xbox 360
Release Date: October, 2008
Expansions: Operation: Anchorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel, Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta.
Fallout 3 New Vegas (October 2010)

Fallout 3 is one of the best Open World RGP games based on the post apocalyptic journey through the Washington, DC wasteland, the game has a lot to offer in lines with World Map, Story, Weapons, Tools and AI (humans, machines and mutants), the best part about this game is that no matter how many times you play, depending upon the choices you make the game has something different to offer, you could choose to be good, evil or neutral.   

The plot involves finding the characters father by following clues left by him and making a decision to follow in his footsteps in saving humanity or not.

The Game play is very crisp with realistic graphics and works fine with a basic PC configuration (Dual core with Nvidia 800 series GT); you can either play from a First person or third person perspective, the game also a VATS mode (Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System) which lets the player enter a combat mode, effective when faced with an overwhelming horde or enemies.

There is a huge choice of weapons and armor than can be purchased and upgraded, the currency used in the game is CAPS (bottle caps), The player gains experience as he/she progresses in the world, these points can be used to gain abilities and better the characters chances of survival in the wasteland. The game has an option to purchase or rent a house, acquire buddies to help in your cause, decide the fate of entire towns.

This game can be played more than once since there is a lot to explore in the wastelands of DC, critical decisions to take, new levels to reach, new skills to earn and a lot of enemies to kill. This game offers a lot of freedom and is one of the games that I don’t get bored playing.


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