Lord Beliar Reincarnated

What is this feeling deep inside of me
It defies all logic and reality
This thirst for slaughter and self inflicted pain
Need to cause misery and torment my soul

This life seems like a dream
Need to get back to reality
This has to be Hell or Purgatory

Lord Beliar speaks to me
Hes waiting patiently
For the day will come when he rules the world
A world of the dead, with him as their head
I will ascend to my throne
A million tortured souls i will own

You are now in my domain
For you heard the ritual mourn
Your soul is mine, you're no longer divine
I'll drive you to the brink and bring you back
For your sense of pain is what i lack
I have no soul to call my own
For i am Beliar Reincarnated
Author: Mark Gomes


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