Dalhousie – HP

Hotel - Oak Valley
We stayed at Hotel – Oak Valley - Dalhousie @ INR 450 per day it was a decent size room and was located near the Bus station, the next day Sep’17 we went to Panch Pulla which is a about 3.5 km (Hotel to Gandhi Chawk to Panch Pulla) it has a nice waterfall, a great view and among the few shops there is also a shawl/carpet vendor who sells Pashmina and other materials made from Yak and Rabbit fur. 

Panch Pulla

Shop Near Panch Pulla selling Rabbit and Yak fur

Way to Kalatop
The next day Sep’18 we decided to visit Kalatop and Dainkund (Witch's Pond) which would turn out to be challenging trek since we decided to do it together, we hired a guide since one is needed to get us to peak of Dainkund (Guide: INR 500), we boarded the bus to Lakkar Mandi (@ INR 10 - 11 km) it took around 25 mins but the journey was filled with amazing mountain range views, we trekked from there to Kalatop (3 km) and back to Lakkar Mandi it took us approximately 3 hours, this was one of the best treks there are  Deodar and Fir trees along the trek routes, the air is extremely pleasant although we did not see any animals being a sanctuary it is known to have Pheasants, Serow and Black bear, we stopped at the guest/forest house at the top of the mountain for some refreshments, the way back was equally soothing.

View from Dainkund
After talking a short break we trekked from Lakkar Mandi to Dainkund (5 km) which took us around 1.5 hrs since we took the native trails instead of the winding roads, after almost reaching the top we were stopped by the Indian Air Force official since the top is occupied by an Indian Air Force establishment, we had to walk around the check post which was allowed, although there is a restriction on photography of the IAF facility, the view at the top was amazing with 360 scenic beauty, the way back to Lakkar Mandi took about 50 mins since it was all downhill, the last bus to Dalhousie leaves at 5:00 pm, so we hurried back with ample time to spare for some refreshments.

St. Francis Church
Sep’19 we trekked to St. Francis Church - Subhash Chowk which was about ½ Km from the hotel, this church is one of the oldest in Dalhousie built in the year 1894, there is a statue of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose with his back facing the valley just a few feet behind him which is a great place to relax. 

Subhash Chowk

Sep’ 20 we boarded a bus from Dalhousie -HP bus station near our hotel to Dharamshala - HP (bus @ INR 155, distance approx 130 km), it took us approx 6hrs but the view along the way made it worthwhile.  



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