War Of Ages - Christian Metalcore Band

War of Ages is a Christian Metalcore band formed in 2002 in Erie PA.

Line up:
Leroy Hamp – Vocals
Steve Brown – Guitar
Branon Bernatowicz – Guitar
Alex Hamp – Drums
TJ Alford – Bass

Arise & Conquer - 2008
Pride of the Wicked - 2006
War of Ages - 2005

About their Music:
With harsh and clean vocals, dual guitar riffs, double bass drumming this is undoubtedly one of the best metalcore bands.
In my opinion "War of Ages" was their best album, songs like “All Consuming Fire”, “Generational Curse” and “The Deception of Strongholds” have the perfect mix of Vocals and sound.

Listen to War Of Ages on YouTube


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