Plan to build your first Computer ?

Building your first computer from scratch is always exciting, but before you choose your components it is important to know the purpose for which the computer would be used.
Listed below are the different types of computers.

Home Computers (Surfing)/ Office Computers: Since surfing or running regular office applications (except for animators, video editors, music editors and graphic designers) does not consume a lot of resources a Dual Core Processor @ 2.0 GHz and about 2 GB Ram (DDR2/DDR3) should be good, the motherboard of choice should be the one with an internal graphics (most Mobos do have them) since an external Graphics Card would not be required. The Hard Disk (HDD) could be around 500 Gb or 640 Gb (WD) and a decent Chassis from Cooler Master or any other manufacturer would keep you system cool and neat. (A 19" or 23" LCD monitor could be used depending on your preference and/or practicality), basic 400 W power supply should be enough

Multimedia/ Basic Gaming Computers:  Primary use would be for watching movies, music videos, Photoshop, basic video encoding and the odd gaming (Most games can be run of minimum/medium graphic settings). This computer configuration would be a median between the Home PC and a Gaming PC.
A Quad core or a triple core processor should suffice, would recommend 3/4 GB RAM (DDR2/DDR3) (be sure to make use of the dual channel capabilities of your motherboard), standard motherboard, most importantly a decent mid-range graphics card (Good Bang for Buck), HDD could be 640 GB to 1TB (assuming you have a huge Collections of Movies and Music), good Chassis depending upon the size of your graphics card and the cooling requirements of your system, I would recommend a 22.5 " or 23.0" LCD monitor (movies look good in a bigger screen). 400 W - 500 W power supply should be good.( If possible get a 80 PLUS certified SMPS - its safe and will only produce the required Watts, thus saving power)     

Gaming Computer: As the name states the primary use is gaming, depending upon your budget and requirement the components could vary drastically. It is crucial to remember that installing a high end graphics card alone would suffice, the components need to complement each other, the Motherboard + Processor + Graphics card plays a vital role.
A Quad Core or Hexa Core processor with a motherboard that support these processors and can make maximum use of the processing/computing power should be used, Graphics card with minimum 512 MB on-board RAM should be used, minimum 4 GB DDR2/DDR3 ram (If possible an OC RAM), HDD 640, 1TB or 2 TB depending upon the requirement, a 23"LCD HD monitor would be ideal for gaming (should have good contrast ratio and response time) make sure that the ports on the graphics card match that of your monitor (HDMI/DVI). The Power supply would vary depending on the Graphics set up (Dual/Triple - SLI or Crossfire) as well as the Chassis and HDDs installed) minimum should be 600 W (80 PLUS certified), last but not the least all your precious hardware needs to be cradled in a Chassis make sure that its not a cheap one, it has to have good cooling (Air/Liquid), should be easily upgradeable. (number or HDD, ROM bays, space for liquid cooling etc). Cooler Master had a wide range of chassis (Budget to High end).    


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