Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Sons of Skyrim

Sons of Skyrim


Takamine Acoustic GD30 CE

Sons of Skyrim Lyrics

Dragonborn Dragonborn
By his honor is sworn
To keep evil forever at bay
And the fiercest foes rout
When they hear triumph's shout
Dragonborn for your blessing we pray

And the scrolls have fortold
Of black wings in the cold
That when brothers wage war come unfurled
Alduin bane of kings
Ancient shadow unbound
With a hunger to swallow the world

Dragon Language

Dovahkiin Dovahkiin
Naal ok zin los vahriin
Wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal
Ahrk fin norok paal graan
Fod nust hon zindro zaan
Dovahkiin fah hin kogaan mu draal

Ahrk fin kel lost prodah
Do ved viing ko fin krah
Tol fod zeymah win kein meyz fundein
Alduin feyn do jun
Kruziik vokun staadnau
Voth aan bahlok wah diivon fin lein

Friday, 2 January 2015

How To Install Skyrim Body Mods

Skyrim Nexus

This Skyrim Game Guide will help you install a Custom Body Replacer for both Female body and Male body, it’s important to follow the steps in the right order to avoid having to troubleshoot later. There are suggested Skyrim Mods for textures and Armour, the popular ones being CBBE and UNP textures; And of course the UNP and CBBE Armour mods. The suggested Skyrim mods are based on personal preference feel free to use the ones that suit your taste, if you download a mod from Skyrim Nexus don’t forget to Endorse, a lot of time and effort goes into making these mods... Cheers...

Step 1

Install a Skeleton that is compatible with the required Body Mesh Type and the respective Actor Animation.
XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended is one the best since it supports almost all of the Body mesh types; it also supports BBP (Breast and Butt Physic), TBBP (Tender Breast and Butt Physic) and HDT-PE (HDT Physics Extension) enabled Bodies
After XP32 left the modding community Groovtama took over and the most recent skeleton is called Groovtama’s XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended aka XPMSE

Step 1.1 

How to Install XPMSE

There are certain pre- requisites that need to be met for the XPMSE to function correctly; failing to meet these requirements will result in “Crash to Desktop” (CTD).
Install the below mentioned Mods before XPMSE

     b)      Fores New Idles in Skyrim

Recommended Mods to make use of all the XPMSE Features (For In-Game Weapon position switching)

a)      SKSE 1.7.1
b)      RaceMenu 2.9.6

Once the above requirements have been met Install the XPMS mod and choose the respective options depending upon your requirement.

Step 2

Install the HDT Physics Extensions – HDT-PE is a SKSE plugin that applies the existing Havok physics engine used in Skyrim. It facilities- Swishing hair, flowing skirts, Bouncing Pony Tail, BBP etc

Step 3

Body Mesh Replacer

This is essentially the body mesh shape that will overlay on the XPMSE.
There are a lot of body shapes available for both Male and Female actors, this can be confusing at times, listed below are some of the Body Shapes along with a basic description.

Step 3.1



    1)     CBBE - Calientes Big Bottom Edition
    CBBE – Vanilla
    CBBE – Slim
    CBBE – Curvy
    CBBE comes with BodySlide - An application that allows you to customize the body shape to  have pretty much any proportions you want.

UNP Body

    2)     UNP – UNpretend also called as Dimonized UNP

   UNPS – UNP – Slim
   UNPB – UNP Blessed (Bigger Breasts)
   UNPC – UNP Curvy (Bigger Hips)
   UNPB-BBP – UNPB with Breast and Butt Physics
   UNPB-BBP-x and UNPB Redux - UNPB meshes with extra weight painting to give bounce.
   UNPK - Gooboo’s tweaked UNP body
  DG - DreamGirl by Petrovichs
  7BUNP – Combination of SeveNBase Bombshell body with Dimonized UNP body

    3)    ADEC - Acdale EyeCandy - The body mesh consists of larger legs, hips, thinner waistline,    enhanced butt and modifications to arms and shoulder.

    4)      CHSBHC - Cherry Hotaling’s Super Busty H Cup

    5)    7B/ SeveNBaseSevennity's designed  Body shapes -  A custom body replacer    
specifically tweaked to emphasis wider shoulder, bigger breast and full thigh simulating a             strong (not too muscular) and sensuous Amazonian woman.

    6)   Manga Body - A Custom CBBE and ADEC Body – This is one of those out of proportion
 body shapes IMO, large breasts, thin waistline and regular butt. Although these proportions        can be modified depending on one’s preference using Body Slide.

    7)   CNHF - Calyps and Nuskas Heroic Form – A body shape that looks the part of a Hero a  
         beautiful and muscular body replacer.

Step 3.2 


Better Males Skyrim

    1)      Better Males – An all in one pack that contains body meshes from “FavoredSoul” and “Sundracon” also contains textures for Face and Hairstyles.

    2)      Males by Thegal – The body mesh contains minor modifications to the Vanilla Body mesh.

Step 4

Types of Skin textures

Skyrim Textures

The important thing to remember is that the Textures need to match the skyrim Body mod shape, for example a CBBE body shape will need CBBE compatible textures, failing to do so will lead to seams and other visible deformities.

Listed below are a few Textures with their compatible body Shapes.

    1)  Women of Skyrim female face texture and Companions  Supported female body mesh          CBBE,UNP,UNPB,UNPC,7B,Vanilla and DG

    2)  Mature skin texture and body Supported female body mesh

    3)  SG Female Textures Renewal  Supported female body mesh

    4) True Daughters of Skyrim Supported female body mesh
CBBE, UNP and Vanilla

    5) CBBE skin texture  Supported female body mesh

    6) Real Girls Realistic Body Texture  Supported female body mesh
UNP, UNPB and SeveNBase

    8) Fitness Body Supported female body mesh

    9) Smooth Male Body  Supported male body mesh
Better Males by by Chris57 and FavoredSoul

    10) More Muscular Men texture normals  Supported male body mesh
Better Males by by Chris57 and FavoredSoul

Step 5

Skyrim Animation

Install Animations depending on your preference

    1)      Lifelike Idle Animations
    2)      Pretty Female Idles
    3)      Sexy idle Animation
    4)      Male Idle Animation Replacer   
    5)      Male Animation improvement

Step 6

Install Armour Mods

CBBE Armour Mods

UNP Armour Mods

    1)  Fur Huntress Armor
  Supports CBBE Body

  Supports CBBE Body and UNP Body 

  Supports CBBE HDT

  Supports UNP body

  Supports CBBE Body and UNP Body

  Supports CBBE, CBBE BBP and CHSBHC

  Supports SeveNBase and UNPB

  Supports UNP and UNPB

  Supports CBBE Body and UNP Body

Following the above steps should help you create a Custom Skyrim Body along with the respective skin textures and Armour.

Feel free to let me know what you think about the mentioned Skyrim Mods and if you would like to add to this list of Skyrim mod...